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GLO Data Bundles

GLO Daily web Bundles
These Glo knowledge bundles area unit what i will be able to wish to decision the “Quickies” the daily arrange area unit for users that might wish to surf the web or transfer files before it expires in twenty four hours.

To be terribly honest, if you’re power knowledge user then don’t take this cheap bundles, you may notice the monthly package appropriate for your use.

There’s little question, this can be the foremost versatile knowledge arrange you’ll get at this value

To take this package

Simply Dial *127*14#


Text “14” to 127

GET 100MB FOR N100
We’ve reached the purpose wherever you have got no choice however to agree GLO is that the player of web plans.
For as low as N100, you may get 100MB value of information.

Who would have thought 100MB that was thousand Nigerian monetary unit would be this cheap? however time changes.
To opt-in
Dial *127*51# or simply Text “51” to 127

GET 200MB FOR N200

If 100MB wouldn’t be enough for you in a very day, however regarding adding N100 to induce double the quantity of information to surf the web for 3 (3) days? affirmative, you’ll get web plans this low cost, however solely on the GLO network.

To subscribe

Dial *127*56# or Text “56” to 127

The fact isn’t all shoppers would like massive knowledge bundles monthly. for a few average web users, weekly plans can do the trick.

1.6GB FOR N500
It sounds ridiculous, however MTN and Airtel supply half what GLO is giving users. As a matter of truth, this arrange is healthier than MTN knowledge arrange for a month.

To get 1.6GB to for associate degree extended amount of ten days, you may have to be compelled to pay N500 to induce this wonderful arrange at an inexpensive rate.

To subscribe

Dial *127*57# or Send “57” to 127

Remember that the weekly arrange is valid for 10 (10) days!

GLO Monthly knowledge arrange – low cost GLO knowledge arrange
I don’t wish to believe such insanely low cost knowledge tariffs exist in African nation, however it will exist in GLO’s world.
The most fascinating issue is that Users get to speak, transfer and stream videos, while not the worry of checking on their knowledge each minute.

GLO monthly plans area unit valid for thirty days. unnecessary to mention, you’re obtaining further for what you’re paying.

look at the Glo a thousand Nigerian monetary unit knowledge Plan:

3.2GB for N1,000
GLO customers have one thing to be pleased with. obtaining virtually double the quantity of information than the other medium network in African nation offers is value celebrating.

Dial *127*53# to subscribe or Text “53” to 127

Glo knowledge arrange seven.5GB for N2,000
At this value, GLO is creating a mockery of different Networks in African nation. For simply N2,000 you’ll get associate degree more than seven.5GB
Isn’t it amazing:
This low cost GLO bundle pays for itself. There’s little question, GLO is that the winner within the knowledge class.

To subscribe

Dial *127*55# or Text “55” to 127

10GB for N2,500
If you’re a significant knowledge user, then don’t even have a turnabout to administer N2,500 @ 10GB for one smart month.

To subscribe

Dial *127*58# or Text “58” to 127

Whether you’re exploitation associate degree golem, iPhone, portable computer or electronic equipment, this arrange can work absolutely on your device.

12GB for N3,000
Heavy web users can like this arrange, because it offers a monster size 12GB for simply N3,000. This arrange will assist you cut the superfluous expenses web users create to buy knowledge.

To subscribe

Dial *127*54# or text “57” to 127

18GB for N4,000
With this monthly package, you’re rest assured that you simply will get access to everything you wish to transfer from the web. The one month arrange could be a nice choice for power web users.

To subscribe

Simply dial *127*2#

OTHER wonderful GLO MONTHLY knowledge BUNDLES
These knowledge plans area unit solely for power web users that might transfer the downloadable on-line. With this monthly arrange, the sky is that the limit, you’ll stream videos on-line, transfer songs, play on-line games and far a lot of.

Here area unit GLO subscription codes for the special packages:

24GB for N5,000 – Dial *127*2# to subscribe.
48GB for N8,000 – Dial *127*1# to subscribe.
60GB for N15,000 – Dial *127*12# to subscribe.
90GB for N18,000 – Dial *127*13# to subscribe.
GLO has the most cost effective knowledge plans that is wonderful. however their night plans can sweep you off your feet. The shut contender to the current Night arrange is Airtel.

When you take the Night arrange, You’ll be allotted with 1GB to browse the web for the night ( twelve am – five am) before it expires. thus I recommend you grab something you wish to transfer before five am.

To subscribe

Dial *127*60# or Text “60” to 127

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THE GLO 4G knowledge PLANS
Globacom extended the 4G LTE network across totally different states in African nation. Word on the road is that the 4G LTE has lightning transfer speed.

Therefore i will be able to advise users thereupon wish super quick web access to shop for a 4G enabled SIM card to fancy this unimaginable chance.

How to take GLO 4G knowledge Plans
To activate:

Simply dial *777# and follow the instruction.

You can check your balance by dialing *127*0# .

List of GLO 4G knowledge Plans

N500 1.6GB valid for seven (7) days
N1,000 3.2GB valid for thirty days
N2,000 7.5GB valid for thirty days
N2,500 10GB valid for thirty days
N3,000 12GB valid for 30days
N4,000 18GB valid for 30days
N5,000 24GB valid for 30days
N8,000 48GB valid for 30days
N15,000 60GB valid for 30days
N18,000 90GB valid for 30days

How To Check GLO knowledge Balance
Check your GLO balance by following the easy method

To activate, merely dial *127*0#


Send information to 127

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By default Glo renews your knowledge bundle either once you exhaust the information or once the thirty days valid amount expires. which suggests your account are going to be mechanically beaked for a brand new subscription once your knowledge expires.

This can be annoying for a few users World Health Organization wish to change to a different arrange once they’ve exhausted the information (MB)
If you want to finish your GLO knowledge subscription

Text Cancel to 127

A text message are going to be sent upon delivery confirming the made deactivation.

Finally, we have a tendency to hope you may use our Glo new knowledge arrange review as a guide once you area unit close to purchase knowledge bundles. In our review, we have a tendency to listed the most cost effective bundles which will assist you decide that knowledge to shop for for your knowledge desires.

Do you suppose GLO will improve on their knowledge arrange offerings?

Ask me questions about Glo knowledge arrange and that i are going to be happy to reply. refill the comment box along with your queries, I’ll be glad to reply

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