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MTN Mobile Setting

MTN knowledge Settings
To start enjoying high speed net, you would like the proper settings on your device. Please follow these straightforward steps to induce prepared for associate unbeatable net expertise.

Your MTN-branded USB electronic equipment or knowledge card has already been organized thus you are doing not have to be compelled to worry.

If you are not mistreatment associate MTN-branded device, you’ll request for MTN’s net browsing settings (also brought up as APN settings or packet knowledge settings on some phones) by writing the word SETTINGS as associate SMS and send to 3888, freed from charge.
The settings are going to be sent to you by SMS, please save the settings as shortly as they’re delivered to your phone to avoid deleting them in error.
If you presently relish net browsing mistreatment your knowledge enabled French telephone on MTN’s knowledge network, chances are high that that your French telephone is already organized to use MTN’s knowledge network. you will but send SETTINGS to 3888 to be double sure!
For handsets or different devices that require to be organized manually (e.g. iphones, Windows-based handsets etc), you’ll have to be compelled to assemble the info} settings on your French telephone with the settings information provided below:

WEB settings – for smartphones ( iOS & Android)

Account Name: MTN internet
Port :
Access purpose name (APN):
WAP settings – for WAP/Feature phones

Account Name: MTN WAP
IP address (Proxy): ten.199.212.2
Port: 9201
Username: internet
Password: internet
Access purpose name (APN):
If you continue to have challenges putting in your phone, please visit the closest MTN Service Center or decision a hundred and eighty.

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