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MTN Welcome Back Deliver

Mtn welcome lower back offer

What’s mtn welcome decrease returned provide?

Mtn welcome lower again offer is an offer that rewards dormant clients for re-activating their lines. I.E. Clients which have spent forty five – a hundred and eighty days at the community with out appearing any chargeable interest is probably rewarded with 2000% bonus on their first recharge in a month for three months.

Benefits of mtn welcome returned provide:

You’ll gather 2000% bonus on first recharge of the month during three (three) months.

The way it works

Re-activate your inactive mtn sim, recharge at the very least n100 and experience 2000% bonus on your first recharge for the duration of 3 (three) months. 2000% (20x) bonus on recharge of n100 and above with maximum recharge of n1000.

Bonus can be used for voice, sms and pay-as-you pass statistics. 500% of the bonus can be used for voice calls & sms to all networks in nigeria and the 1500% may be used for records.

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