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Awuf4U is an provide as preference prize clients together with 200% airtime bonus of every recharge beneath N100 then three hundred% airtime bonus about each recharge beside N100 above now that recharge the usage of a one-of-a-kind code, *888*PIN# and with the useful resource of VTU


A brand new committed, Awuf4U has been synthetic for the offer.
As quick as ye recharge the usage of the one-of-a-kind recharge code *888*PIN#, the fulfilled rear price over the recharge summation the airtime bonus will live credited into thine Awuf4U account.

A.In case you recharge including N100, you wish get N400 into Awuf4U rating i.E. N100 (recharge value) + N300 (bonus)

B.If thou recharge inclusive of N400, thou wish arrive N1,six hundred among Awuf4U calculation i.E. N400 (recharge price) + N1,2 hundred (bonus)

C.If ye recharge alongside N750, thou want get N3,000 between Awuf4U tale i.E. N750 (recharge price) + N2,250 (bonus)

D.If thou recharge recharge with N1,500, thou desire discover N6,000 amongst Awuf4U account i.E. N1,500 (recharge cost) + N4,500 (bonus)

You do experience the following packages out of Awuf4U account:
Calls in imitation of ALL Networks among Nigeria
SMS in the end Networks among Nigeria
• global call in conformity with 18 (eighteen) locations
PAYG facts surfing
SMS capped at 75 SMS hebdomadal

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